1400mAh UFO-T power bank


Product characteristics:
  1. DC IN      5.0V 500mA – 700mA (USB)
  2. DC OUT 5.2V 700mA-1A Micro-USB)
  3. Capacity 1400mah Li-polymer battery
  4. Weight:       50g
LED light:
  1. Press the LED light button, turn on the LED fight; Press the LED light button again, turn down the light.

Capacity display function:
  1. Press the Capacity Indicator button, the capacity indicator light LED 1-3 on., which means 10%-30%, 30%-60%, 60%-100% respectively.
  2. LED light 1 is the indicator light of Charging and Discharging, which is red when charging and green when full charged.
  3. Plug and Play input and output, automatically rise up the voltage when detecting devices.
  1. Ultrathin and lightweight, with dimension of 70*70*10 mm.
  2. With cable connected, convenient to use.
  3. With highlight white and warm gray tone, and beautiful patten, fashionable and high end.
  4. Capacity display on the front, with window light effect in the side.
  5. For emergency use, convenient to carry.



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